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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions right here

Can I change my order?
When your order has been confirmed, it is no longer possible for you to change it as the order is immediately sent to the warehouse for fast processing and shipping.

Can I place an order by phone?
No, unfortunately we do not take orders by phone

Can I cancel my order?
No you cannot. We process your order as soon as we have received it to ensure a fast delivery time. If you no longer wish to receive the items, just return them when you receive them.

Has my order been shipped?
As soon as your order has been shipped from our warehouse, we send you an email confirming that your items are on their way.

Can I follow my order?
When the order has been shipped, the email we send you will contain a unique tracking number so you can follow your parcel’s progress.

Part of my order is missing
If part of your order is missing, we apologise and ask you kindly to contact Web Customer Service.  Please check that your order confirmation and invoice tally.

There is a mistake in my order

Mistakes do happen occasionally, but we always do our best to solve them as smoothly as possible.  If you have noticed that we have made a mistake in your order, please contact Web Customer Service.


Do you deliver to my country? 
We deliver to:

Denmark ***Please note that we do not deliver to Greenland and the Faroe Islands
France ***Please note that we do not deliver to Corsica
The Netherlands
United Kingdom

Delivery times

Germany: 3-5 days
UK: 3-5 days
Netherlands: 3-5 days
Ireland: 3-5 days
France: 3-5 days

Delivery takes 3-5 working days from the date you place your order and according to the country you live in. (please see the list above).  We use GLS for deliveries and GLS delivers your parcel to a pickup destination (parcel shop) close to your home or a parcel shop of your own choice. 

Do you ship to PO Box addresses?

For security reasons, unfortunately we cannot deliver to PO Box addresses.


How do I pay for my order? 
You can choose to pay by credit card, by invoice or PayPal.  We accept the following credit cards:

Visa Debit/Credit
Visa Electron
(Visa Dankort)
Visa Corporate
MasterCard Debit/Credit
MasterCard Corporate
International issued cards (outside EU)
Blue Visa/ CardBleu

When will the money be taken from my account? 
When you place an order, your card will be validated and you will then receive an email confirming that your order has been approved.  Payment will only take place once we have shipped your order from our warehouse. If your card is not accepted, payment will not take place and a message on your screen will immediately inform you that the payment has failed.  Remember that even if the payment has not been approved, some card issuers may withhold the money corresponding to the required purchase amount, which means that you will not be able to access the money for a short period of time.

What are Noa Noa's voucher codes?
Voucher codes are codes that are used to gain discounts.  Sign up to the Noa Noa Society and receive newsletters and info about campaigns with voucher codes.  Click here to sign up for the Noa Noa Society.

Tip: Only one voucher code can be used per order.

How do I use my voucher code? 
1. Add the product you want to buy to the shopping basket and click on the basket. 
2. Enter your voucher code in the field ”voucher code”. 
3. Click on ”Redeem voucher” to use the discount for your order.  Then the discount will be shown and the total price will be changed.

Note: If you want to complete your order at a later time, please enter your discount code again at that time.

TIP: Enter the code exactly as it appears; if you add a space between the characters, the code will not be recognised

DON'T FORGET! The discount will not be deducted from your order before you click the "Redeem voucher" button. If you enter the voucher code and cannot see the discount in the order overview, you are welcome to contact us so we can guide you through it.

I forgot to use my voucher code
Unfortunately we are unable to add your code to your order, nor adjust the payment later if you did not enter your voucher code at the first basket, voucher code. In this case, do not confirm if the discount does not appear - but instead contact Web shop Customer Service 

How do my discount codes affect my right to return an order? 

If a discount code was entered, your refund will be adjusted to reflect this amount.  Unfortunately, we cannot re-issue a voucher, even if your original order is returned to us.

How do I return an item?
If you need to return items to us, you will find return instructions on the returns form, which are inside the parcel. The item must be returned in the same state as it was received, with the price tag attached.

If the reason for returning items is covered by code 2, 3 or 4, please contact the Noa Noa Customer Service at webshop@denmark.noanoa.com to request a prepaid return label.  Please inform us your name, address, e-mail and order no. You will receive your return label by e-mail. Please print it and fix it on your return parcel.

Drop off the parcel at a DHL service point of your choice. The parcel will be accepted free of charge. You will receive a receipt at the service point including the shipment no. This number allows you to track your parcel online at www.dhl.com and is your insurance.

However if the reason is covered by code 1, 5 or 6, just return the package to the below mentioned address. In this case you have to pay for the return yourself.

c/o Prime Cargo
Nordager 28
6000 Kolding

Please note that we can only process returns purchased from noanoa.com !

Return codes:

1. The product did not fit
2. The product was defective (complaint)
3. I have been sent the wrong product
4. The product I ordered was not included in the package
5. I regret my purchase
6. I am returning a present

I have recieved a defective/faulty item 
We only want to deliver top quality goods to our customers, so if you find that something in your order is defective or faulty, please return the item to us within 30 days of receiving your parcel.  If you contact our Web Customer Service, please provide the following details: your order number, product code/name and description of the defective item.

I have received an incorrect item
We sincerely apologise if you receive an item you did not order. Please return the item to us within 14 days of receiving your parcel. If you contact our Customer Service, please provide the following details: your order number, product code/name and description of the wrong item.

Have you received my returned items?
It takes about 2-3 weeks before we receive your returned parcel. We will return it into the system within 2 working days and at the same time you will receive your credit note by mail.

When will I receive my refund?
We make repayments within three days of receipt of your parcel.  Please be patient, it takes 2-30 days for the refund to be credited to your account.  The time varies depending on which bank or card issuer you have.  We will credit your refund to the same credit card you used when placing the order.


Can you supply more information about a product?
We strive to publish as much useful information as we can about our products to try and help you to buy the things that fit you best.  The product page for every item includes a description and photos. If you have any other questions, please contact the Web Shop Customer Service and provide the product number and we will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as we can.

I have problems with my shopping basket 
Delete your items in the basket and put them in the basket again.  Perhaps the items have been sold to someone else in the meantime. If you are still experiencing problems, try deleting cookies on your computer (PC: Ctrl-Shift-Delete)

Other technical problems
If you experience other problems, we recommend that you ensure you have the latest updates and patches for your operating system.
If you are still having problems using our website, please contact Customer Service and we will be pleased to help you. 
To enable us to understand and help solve your issue, try to give us as much information as possible:  Your operating system (e.g.  Windows Vista, Mac OS 9.0), internet browser (e.g.  Explorer 8 Firefox 3.5). Please copy error messages that pop up on the screen into an email.

How can I contact you? 
If your question cannot be answered on our website, please contact Webshop Customer Service and we will be pleased to help you.  We will do our best to give you an answer within 48 hours.

If you wish to contact Webshop Customer Service personally, you can write to webshop@denmark.noanoa.com 

Opening hours for Webshop Customer Service:  09:00 - 15:00 Monday to Friday.  We are closed on Danish public holidays.
You can also call to us at 0045 70 25 30 05.