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People say that clothing makes people. But at Noa Noa, we don’t perceive clothing that way. We believe that every woman carry their own unique story that is resembled in what they are wearing. Therefore, we believe that a piece of clothing is not just a piece of clothing – it gets it’s character through the woman that carries it. 

This belief is the foundation for what we call Wear Your Story. Wear Your Story is the story about women who inspire people around them, but it is also the story about women that carry their past as a stepping stone for their future. Through the universe of Wear Your Story we praise women who proudly carries their stories and uses them to inspire others. We do that by letting the clothes and each unique woman who carries it tell their stories to us. Welcome to the universe of Wear Your Story. 

Read the story about the women we praise - Natasha Al-Hariri and Camille Jones - right here