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The concept

Here is why our concept is more than just a business agreement!
You have the freedom to be yourself and do what you believe in. At the same time, you have the security of knowing that we are there for you 100 %. This is why we call the franchise concept ”Part of the Family”.
You don't have to take over premises that we have already found. You can find your own shop premises, although you can always check with us to make sure you have made the right choice. We are also happy to help you with any possible rent negotiating. 
Your shop will have its own unique interior design. This means that the spirit remains true to Noa Noa, but it is important to us that each shop has its own unique feeling. Our interior design programme celebrates and respects the freedom to express yourself exactly as you are. Just like our brand.
We don't think it’s fair that you should have to pay marketing fees that increase in line with your turnover. Instead, the fixed concept fee that you pay on a monthly basis covers free use of all the collective marketing material, which the main office is responsible for.
Furthermore, it is also important that you market your shop locally. You know your area and your customers better than anyone else. We can help you subsidise this.
We don't force you to buy specific clothes, just because we think they will be the hits for that season. Instead, we listen to what you believe in and what you know about your customers. And then we’ll offer our genuine recommendations. 
As a starting point, you will be offered a 5-year contract. Although, if you would like a longer contract, we will support you 100% with that. You see, our goal is to create a long relationship. Just like in a family.
Your start-up investment covers the establishment of the shop premises and a contribution to Noa Noa. Our start-up investment is that we will pay for all the furniture in the store. And use all the time it takes to make sure you get off to a safe and secure start. 
You aren't just investing in a shop. But also in inspiring and strengthening women to be seen and loved as they really are. This is the purpose that drives and motivates us at Noa Noa. And the more we become, the more women we can be there for. This means for us that you won't just have a franchise agreement. But that you want the same things as the rest of our family. Every time the door in your shop opens.