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Our design

Every collection and every initiative from Noa Noa is created as a source of inspiration to sense more. To create space for colour contrasts, poetry and time out for reflection.  Give a feminine edge to a masculine element. And stay true to yourself and your own style. It is slow fashion. It is unpretentious

What we believe in when designing our collections..

Fabric-covered buttons. Hand-sewn details. Lining worth showing. Hand-knitted styles. Materials with tactile surfaces that awaken your senses. Interior design made at Noa Noa's own workshops and used to make each shop unique. For us, good design craftsmanship is about always leaving a trace of intricacy and care. As its the materials, the processing and most importantly the woman and girl, which have to feel at home in the design. 


We've always had a strong connection to all things feminine and natural. This can be felt throughout our collections, which are brimming with natural fabrics like wool, silk and 100% organic cotton. Combined with the flowing silhouettes, they create a breathable, free and feminine feeling. Important elements of our bohemian signature also include inspiration from all kinds of cultures over many decades and slow craft - both traditional and modern processing techniques that take time.


We weave a little bit of love into everything we do. All collections start with an inspiration trip, where we only pass on what we personally fall in love with. We have extended our returns policy from 8 days to a whole month, because we believe nobody should end up with something in their wardrobe that isn't them. We often spoil members of Noa Noa Society, especially on their birthday, and like a good friend, we enthusiastically share Noa Noa's universe with women of all ages on Instagram and Facebook. 


They say that clothes make people. Clothes help to tell a story about who we are. Noa Noa's philosophy is that the people we are help to give the clothes a unique personality. Therefore, a piece of clothing is not just a piece of clothing – it gets its expression from the person wearing it. 
This was successfully expressed through our design collaboration with the singer Sharin Foo, and will continue to be expressed in many of our future campaigns.