Noa Noa is seeking Franchise Partners

Are you ready for your first Noa Noa shop? The journey from first contact to first opening day starts here:

  1. You write to us here If the ”Part of the Family” franchise concept appeals to you, you'll naturally want to find out more. 
  2. We meet We go through the concept, the opportunities and all the questions you are burning to ask. 
  3. We meet again Everything is going well, so it's time to get down to the specifics. Now we need to talk about finances and location. If you need any advice with bank and landlord issues, we are here to help. We would also be pleased to come to meetings with you. 
  4. We visit the dream place Together we will look at a specific location that you would like to be your future shop. And of course we will also check out the town for inspiration and ideas. Perhaps we might need to look at a couple of places before we agree together on the best option. 
  5. You meet your Store Design Manager He has designed the interiors of all the Noa Noa stores and has been looking forward to meeting you in your future shop. Together you plan your interior design and fittings, so your dream can soon become a reality. We maintain a close dialogue throughout the whole building process. 
  6. We sign the contract and mark an X for you At this stage, we should have even the smallest details all under control. Or we make sure they are, so the contract can be signed. And we can set a date for when you can open the doors to your new shop. 
  7. You meet the family Now the contract has been signed, it's only natural that you should experience the atmosphere at our head office and meet everyone there. Including our latest collection. If you like, you can also visit an experienced franchise partner's shop. 
  8. You buy the goods for your shop We won't dictate anything, but will listen to what you know about your future customers and what you believe you can sell best. We will then give you our recommendations and then you can choose the items you would like in your shop when you open.  
  9. The shop is made ready The week prior to the grand opening, our Store Design Manager will visit you to help you put the shop together. And two days prior to the grand opening, our store designer will come and style the shop so it will be ready for your big day. The opening day. 
  10. Drum roll .... you open up the doors to your own shop!

It looks amazing. Everything is exactly like you dreamed it would be. You did it. And you can look forward to ongoing advice and visits from us. But we don't want to take up any more of your time, you've got customers to look after.