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natasha al-hariri

People say that clothing makes people. But at Noa Noa, we don’t perceive clothing that way. We believe that every woman carry their own unique story that is resembled in what they are wearing. Therefore, we believe that a piece of clothing is not just a piece of clothing – it gets it’s character through the woman that carries it. 

This belief is the foundation for what we call Wear Your Story. Wear Your Story is the story about women who inspire people around them, but it is also the story about women that carry their past as a stepping stone for their future. Through the universe of Wear Your Story we praise women who proudly carries their stories and uses them to inspire others. We do that by letting the clothes and each unique woman who carries it tell their stories to us. Welcome to the universe of Wear Your Story. 

One of the women we praise, is Natasha Al-Hariri. She is raised in Denmark but was born in Beirut in 1989 during her parents’ escape from the civil war.

Today, she is a lawyer, a debater and resembles a very important voice in the Danish debate on integration. Natasha has used her voice in many connections and has among other things been engaged in Ny-Dansk ungdomsråd (new-Danes Youth Council), has produced the DR-documentary ”Hallo, Syrien! Opkald fra flugtruten” (Hello, Syria! Phone calls from the escape route) and is today on the board in Rådet for Etniske Minoriteter (Council for Ethnic minorities) as well as the organization Refugees Welcome. 


Through many years of participating in the debate on Danish integration topics, she has been featured in countless papers, radio-interviews and TV-broadcasts and she continues to debate and fight for her own as well as every Danes future – a future where there is no gap between ’old Danes’ and the ’new Danes’. Natasha fights for a Denmark that is for everyone regardless of religion or the colour of your skin. She wants to erase the prejudices that exist between groups in Denmark and in this case she dedicates all her time. We find that extremely admirable. It is her past, that carries her into the future and on her way she inspires people around her. And she certainly has inspired us. 

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