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Thoughts behind spring 2017

Since 1981, Noa Noa has created clothes for women to identify themselves with. Every piece of clothing has, just like the women wearing it, had a story to tell. But lets move past the stories and the identities defined by the clothes, and actually let the women wearing the clothes share their story. Read the thoughts from Head of Design, Rikke Wienmann Mai behind the Spring 2017 collection.
How do you give a personal touch to the Noa Noa collections? How is it visible in the Spring '17 collection?
Attention to detail is something that I am very pre-occupied with and would like to think is part of my trademark design. I have always been inspired by antique clothing and the craftsmanship and attention to detail you can find here. To me antique clothing has “soul”, is imperfect, quirky and full of life, probably due to the fact that most of it has been handmade and not industrially made. This, I find hugely inspiring. Luckily antique clothing as a point of inspiration is also an inherent part of Noa Noa’s heritage – so I have probably reclaimed the focus here, rather than invented it for the brand.
I am not a big fan of replicating the past though; to me antique clothing is merely a point of inspiration for making something new for today.
For Spring '17; we have been inspired by the craft of patchworking – again something handmade, quirky, with lots of soul, which is truly a celebration of personal expression. And on another level, it celebrates nowness and taking/spending your time with something other than technology and the digital age. 
Where do you seek inspiration before creating a new collection? What has been the main inspiration for the new collection?
I seek inspiration everywhere: flea-markets, books, magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, travel, shopping live/online, museums, music, feelings, thoughts, etc. I crave visual stimulation on a daily basis! So before each collection, I always have a vast gathering of visual inspiration – but also thoughts about life and the times we live in... The collections always come to life through a natural, almost magical merge of the visual inspiration from the entire design team and a mutual “zeitgeist” discussion about the sign of the times.
For Spring '17 we had many thoughts about the speed of modern life, technology and the lost ability to pause in life or feel the “now”, but also about personal expression and imperfection. The “Patchwork Poesie” theme sprung from this discussion and from the thrift ideas we had brought to the table. The patchwork idea working as a direct point of inspiration – but also symbolizing taking your time and being allowed to express yourself – simply in the way you put together your clothes in your own quirky, imperfect, personal way.
5 words to describe the Spring '17 Noa Noa collection?
Crafted, feminine, bohemian, eclectic … and imperfect.
How do you implement stories in the clothing you design?
We always tell the stories that are relevant for NoaNoa to tell. It is a brand that talks to women. It is not a trend driven brand
– but a brand which is sensitive and intuitive towards what it means to be a woman. Our stories are mainly inspired by the end customer and her needs in clothing and life. 
What is your favourite piece of the new collection and why?
The trouser from the “Linen Striped” programme – I think this product embraces so many things I like: it’s a product that has crafted, natural and nostalgic references, but with a clear modern edge. It’s also a Noa Noa classic whilst still being new for today
What fashion trends are you predicting for 2017?
I would quite obviously have to point out the continued fascination with material, craftsmanship, nostalgia, tradition, and old virtues to respond to the much wider tendency that our lives are becoming increasingly technological and digital. A counter reaction
to speed, surface and the perfect.